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Namaste Namaste

A rhythmic greeting song, crucial for beginning a TheraTunes session with positive energy. All lesson plans will open with this song as it serves as a constant reminder to students that a Theratunes session is about to begin.


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The Train Song

This Train song is an upbeat large motor enhancing song that fluctuates between a faster and slower tempos while students are 'locomoting' around the room.


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Hawaa Mai Rumaal

Students imagine how a scarf would blow in the breeze. How would their bodies move? How would their mind feel? These actions help regulate the sense systems of children who may have sensory integration issues.


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Kya Pehnoge

‘Kya Pehnoge?’ builds student’s fine motor skills (snapping and clapping), developing both categorization and cognitive skills using the various kinds of daily clothing the children may wear—open to any alternative colour and object substitutions.


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Jungle Blues

Jungle Blues is a groovy gross motor song that focuses on physically activating students through teaching them the types of animals in a jungle and the ways in which they move and speak.


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Magar Macch aur Makhi Chant

A rhythmic chant that helps students focus on their motor skills through the contrasting small, quick movements with large slow movements. We also encourage cognitive thinking by demonstrating how a word can be sounded out by syllables.


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Five Senses

This is a bossa nova-style song that teaches students the parts of our body that are connected to our different senses. The instruments used help strengthen this idea, stimulating both sides of the brain.


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Breathing Song

As the name indicates, this song is a seated breathing song with a calm, meditative 'drone' to relax students and bring focus to themselves. Specific frequencies help to induce a sleepy, relaxed feeling within them.


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Ek Naak Doobie Doo

This song helps students identify different body parts, helping them engage and move the parts on their own. The song’s ‘building’ structure incrementally adds up the body parts, enhancing the child’s memory and ordering skills.


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Sooja Meri Jaan

This song a lullaby-style song in a triple meter (counted 123, 123, 123) to imitate the swaying and rocking of a sleeping child. The minor-key song serves to help students calm themselves after an upbeat physical song.


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Baklava Naach

This is a catchy large movement dance that is a great social experience. In the introductory music, students explore fine motor skills and instrumentation by jingling the bells or shaking the tambourines in the air, and gross motor skills by walking around in slow, small circles.


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Peetal Ki Gaadi

This is a catchy large movement dance that can be a solitary activity or a group experience. In this highly energizing piece, children learn to locomote in different ways from walking, jumping, running, dancing, and sliding.


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The Goodbye Song

The Goodbye song is a triple-meter closing ritual song designed to help close the therapy sessions by calling out each individual name of the children in the room. It is essential to end all TheraTunes sessions with this song as it helps to establish a closing feeling and an end to the session.