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Namaste Namaste

A rhythmic greeting song, crucial for beginning a TheraTunes session with positive energy. All lesson plans will open with this song as it serves as a constant reminder to students that a Theratunes session is about to begin.


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The Mochi Chant

The Mochi Chant song is a chant that helps students focus on their rhythmical skills through repeated word structures and fine motor movements.


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Subha Hua

Subha Hua is a daily routine song , which encourages students to utilize their cognitive abilities to construct what a typical morning might look like for them.


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Maine Ek Hara Ped Dekha

This song is a classic call and response song helping with memory development (cognitive), where the children mimic the teachers phrases. It also aims to teach the children each part of a tree, for visual simulation and general knowledge.


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Aasmaan Mein Taare

This song is a calming song to help the children relax, developing cognitive skills and fine motor movements.


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Chutka Mutka Ladka

This song is a drawing-based song aimed at visual and auditory connection and stimulation (cognitive and fine motor skills).


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The Ghoda Song

The Ghoda Song is a triple meter song that uses gross motor movements and expressive skills to imitate the many movements of a horse.


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Scarves of Santorini

Santorini is a tiny island in the Greek Aegean Sea, with white houses and blue doors and windows. The music scale used in the composition of this piece is Aeolian, which is associated with the greek god of the wind, Aeolus.


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Spanish Sticks

Spanish Sticks is a Spanish Flamenco dancer-type movement song that uses sticks or scarves to encourage social skills through gross motor movement.


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Breathing Song

This song is a breathing song that is used to help children relax and focus. A song like this would be used in a session to calm down students after something like a large-movement or interactive song.


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Dosa Samosa

Dosa Samosa song is a structured routine song that focuses on engaging students’ social and expressive skills through a typical daily ‘eating’ routine. The song is built for moddability, meaning students and teachers may input and modify words and foods as they please.


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Okabi Lullaby

The Okabi lullaby is a soothing, calming song with a comforting tone. There is a light drone in the background which has been researched to elicit feelings of calmness. Notice how there are fewer skills developed for this song̛—for the most part, students are meant to be completely quiet and relaxed for this song.


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Goodbye Song

The Goodbye song is a triple-meter closing ritual song designed to help close the therapy sessions by calling out each individual name of the children in the room. It is essential to end all TheraTunes sessions with this song as it helps to establish a closing feeling and an end to the session.