Our app has been used over 100,000 times

Our TheraTunes app (now online at theratunes.org/app ) has been used over 100,000 times across rural and urban India. We have had some incredible, heartwarming interactions with our users. Some of our favorite moments are profiled in the "Making of TheraTunes" video.

Over 300 Zoom sessions conducted over the pandemic

During 2020 and 2021, the TheraTunes team conducted over 300 Zoom sessions with our students. Students joined from partner organizations like Jai Vakeel Foundation, and villages across India.

Deployed to over 64,000 students in rural and urban India

TheraTunes has reached over 64,000 students across India. To the right, you will see a video of our app being used in Soda, Rajasthan. Soda is one of the most economically-challenged districts in the country, and we were so excited to launch our app there.

Our Favorite Memories

Over the last two years, the TheraTunes team has been spreading joy using music. Some of our favorite moments are shown below:

The TheraTunes Fundraiser

On March 26th, we launched The TheraTunes Fund with a musical extravaganza in Mumbai. Raising over INR 400k, the funds will be used to spread TheraTunes in villages across India. The video above showcases the concert and the event.

Peetal Ki Gaadi

A therapist at Jaivakeel special needs school teaches large movement skills with scarves in the Baklava Turkish Dance

Magarmach Aur Makhi

A rhythmic chant that helps students focus on their fine motor skills through contrasting the small quick movements of a fly, with the large slow movements of a crocodile's mouth! We also encourage cognitive and pre-reading skills by demonstrating how a word can be sounded out by its syllables.

Ek Naak

Nirvaan works with a group to teach different body parts enhancing memory skills and fine motor skills in the process

Learning Colours & Clothing

In this short clip, students are being handed out their "instruments" for the upcoming songs. Different children are taught some of the English names for these articles of clothing, as well as their colour names.

Kya Pehnoge?

‘Kya Pehnoge?’ builds students’ fine motor skills (snapping and clapping), developing both categorization and cognitive skills using the various kinds of daily clothing the children may wear.


Hear from TheraTunes' incredible supporters:

Feedback from A Parent

Feedback from Jaivakeel CEO

Feedback from Special Needs Educator

Feedback from Partner Teacher

Our Partners

Over the last few years, we have been very lucky to work with some incredible non-profit organizations all over the world.

n11t: A Continuation From TheraTunes

I was inspired by the incredible people I met in the villages we launched TheraTunes in and I wanted to build a new economic model for communal growth. n11t (inspired by the naming technique used by popular, Silicon Valley venture firm a16z) provides micro-grants to incredible rural entrepreneurs. In my research, I explored the use of micro-investments (small investments of less than USD 50 in entrepreneurial projects) as aid. I discussed the potential of setting public policy that uses entrepreneurship to move communities out of poverty. Finally, I compared our approach to the more traditional forms of welfare, and discuss the pros and cons of my approach. My research was published in an international conference. You can read the paper here.

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